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We are committed to providing all of our clients with a consistently high quality, professional service, from testing a single fabric sample, or giving budget prices for canopies, right through to the full design, supply and installation of the structure and membrane. Within the tensile fabric structure industry itself, fabric testing, patterning and detail design form the basis of the services we offer.


The core of our business lies in our design and detailing work for tensile fabric structures. With our broad collective expertise covering the full range of skills from concept design right through to installation on site, we can offer economical, creative and reliable solutions to our clients in all aspects of tensile membrane canopies.

3D_real3D_graphicThe full design, manufacture and installation of structures requires great care and attention to detail in all the other disciplines involved. There is more information about designing fabric structures in our articles page.

Whether you need budget prices, sketches, or full CAD graphics, we can help you plan and create great tensile structures.

We use the latest Autocad software to produce realistic and detailed 3d images to enable us design the supporting structure more accurately and efficiently. This combined with our specialist "form finding" software gives us great flexibility to explore and develop client requirements at early consultation and planning stages.

Many other software applications can use the graphics generated which ensures throughout the project that all parties can be fully involved with the design and its development.    


It's normal to have lots of questions to ask when considering all the benefits of a tensile membrane structure. We can help you weigh up the pros and cons, understand the materials and assess the fixing details.

Steel_ AssemblyConcept

To ensure a successful design and installation, whatever your specification, we give you access to a versatile and knowledgeable resource. You can find the answers to many of your questions within the pages of this site, but if not, feel free to send an email for a personal reply click here.


We'd like you to discuss your project with us so you can be clearer about your structure. We recognise it's in your interest to be armed with as much information as possible, and we're keen to pass on our knowledge and expertise to help you create your ideal solution, one that meets your expectations of budget, function and aesthetics.

Project Management

The successful manufacture and installation of bespoke tensile fabric structures requires great attention to detail and a firm grasp of the overall programme for each project.

Management and quality control of the separate manufacturing facilities we entrust our projects to is of paramount importance to us. We use top specification fabrics, cables and rigging hardware, and the best in manufacturing expertise to provide our customers with exceptionally high quality canopies designed and built for maximum durability.


We also recognise the value and importance of close co-operation with the client construction team and can readily advise typical lead in times. Many of our clients however require a more flexible approach from us in order to manage the overall site works as smoothly as possible, and we are always happy to be able to help in this regard.

We can help you see your project through to a successful completion on site, please get in touch or click here.

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