About Span Design - Fabric Structure Designers

Since 2002, Span Design has been designing and installing fabric structures throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland. Our expert design skills and good site knowledge ensures we provide efficient and economical solutions for all our clients.

Our mission is to seek the simplest solution with the best in detailing to produce designs tailored to fulfil requirements of functionality, aesthetics and budget.

Managed and owned by Phil Windall, Span Design works with specialist consultants to ensure that all of our fabric structures are designed and engineered in accordance with current British Standards.

Membrane fabricationThe actual process of cutting out and welding all the fabric panels together is carried out by a highly experienced team who take great pride and care in their work and who have been producing our membranes for several years. We provide them with very specific and detailed information which enables them to consistently deliver accurate, top quality fabrications across the whole range of available materials.

The supporting structure is made by our specialist steelwork sub contractor. Whether mild steel, stainless or aluminium, the quality of workmanship is of paramount importance and because of the normal complexity of fabrication, we go to great lengths in the design and production of workshop drawings to make sure we arrive on site with steelwork that meets all structural requirements and that can be assembled quickly and easily by the installation team.

Steel fabrication set upIn this age of 'computer everything', it's easy to forget that bespoke steelwork fabrication still relies on craftsmen with tape measures and common sense, looking at drawings. The design of the steelwork has to reflect the need for a simple and accurate fabrication and we pride ourselves on the quality of our structures.

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